Air Conditioner Installation Services

Find the Right AC Unit with the Help of the Right Team!

Installing an air conditioner is more than a purchase; It is a commitment. Since an air conditioner with proper maintenance can operate for over a decade,Therefore it is important to choose the right unit to ensure that you do not need or want to replace your AC in the future. If you are looking for a complete air conditioner installation – from ductwork to unit replacement – turn to specialists for one hour of heat and air conditioning. We have teams of HVAC professionals across the country who are ready to help you through every step of getting a new AC!

Call us today at 9012029464 for help with all your air conditioner installation needs. We’re standing by 24/7

Call us today at 9012029464 for help with all your air conditioner installation needs. We’re standing by 24/7

AC Installation: Efficiency Matters

There is no air conditioning solution that works for every household or individual. The size of your home, your budget and your usage requirements are factors that reduce your air conditioning options. When a member of our team arrives at your home, they will be sure to recommend the right units for you based on your needs, preferences and budget.Modern air conditioners are a lot more energy-friendly than their older counterparts, so installing a new unit can be a smart choice for your energy bill!)

AC Installation services we offer include:

  • Central air conditioner installation
  • Ductless & split system installation
  • Swamp coolers
  • Window unit installation
  • Wall unit installation

Once you opt on a unit, we are able to assist you set it up. If your home needs new ductwork to accommodate your new air conditioning , one hour of heating and air con will make sure that it’s correct! we’ll found out your unit, confirm your ductwork is in a position to deliver cool air effectively, then test the whole system to form every detail of the method correct. Then, we will return to your home for normal maintenance to stay your system running like new for years.

Kick the Heat from Your Home with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning!

At one hour of heat and air conditioning, our focus is excellent customer service. Our team wants you to be happy with our work, so we are fast, polite, honest, and will not back down! Every HVAC technician we employ is very skilled, meticulously trained and fully licensed. Additionally, our work is supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

No one wants to bake in the heat while they wait for an HVAC team to perform. We make appointments and keep them going, so you don’t wait all day for us to show up. If we are late for any reason, we will pay you back for the inconvenience.

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